noun. the desire to be in a constant state of wonder
example: Joe had a serious case of wonderlust: he was bored of anything ordinary. - urban dictionary -


Dear Reader,

Please let me introduce myself, and this little project of mine.
My name is Andras, I was born in Hungary 27 years ago, and now I live in Germany. For me the greatest experience in life is travelling. Seeing the world, coming to know it, experience it, being everywhere. People mostly want to understand the world through their own selves. I would like to understand myself by seeing the world, I prefer this idea, and deem it more feasible. My greatest ideals are Jiři Hanzelka and Miroslav Zikmund from the socialist Czechoslovakia. In 1947, when mobile communication, internet or GPS navigation were all just subjects of sci-fi stories, not to mention the free travel, these guys convinced the head of the Tatra factory to give them a Tatra 87 and in the same year they got in it and set out on their round-the-world tour.
My dream is to tour all around the world, all the countries of our planet, to explore all its civilizations, and to show them to the people on photos and videos via my blog a little differently, than the official guidebooks do. Amateurishly, lifelike and making distance disappear. I want to show that one doesn't need to be a millionaire to travel the world, that the unusual destinations are much more interesting and eventful, and also how far can one get by such a cheap car. For that I'll need a great deal of spare time, surrender, courage, intrepidity, and some money too, even if not as much as you'd think.
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"A challenge in which a successful outcome is assured isn't a challenge at all." Jon Krakauer - Into the Wild

I'd like to set out on my first (and hopefully not the last) longer trip in August, 2016. This would be a proposition to go on a more than 15000 kms long journey overarching the entire Asia. My purpose is to reach from München to Asia without a flight. I calculate with the lowest budget possible in the course of my tour, I'm not going on a vacation, I'll determine a minimal budget available to accommplish this odyssey. I bought car (or something seeming like that) with low fuel consumption, that costs 400€ (120.000 HUF), whereby I'd like to get to Asia on an adventurous route. I plan not to spend any money on accomodation, I will camp in the wild, sleep in the car, but mostly use couchsurfing. I'll rather work for food, than spend money on it, and actually I'm reading Bear Grylls's book too, in case of falling back on collecting nourishment in the nature. :)
It's hard to save money on visas, insurances, phone or vaccinations, but you can. If you wonder how, follow my blog and later I'll show you. Some facts that give some more adrenaline for the matter: I've never been out of Europe by car, I've never repaired a car, my knowledge is confined to the wheel change, over and above apart from a minimal english I don't speak any languages, that could be useful at that part of the world.
So this will be some kind of survivor tour.
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On the map below you can see my itinerary, and here you can follow my drive during the journey. Colours don't matter, the major places, I'd like to visit are marked with points. You can enlarge and move the map. If you have any suggestions based on your experiences or information about modifying anything please share it with me, by clicking here. This is just an idea, actually I'll go the way I can, and as far as I can, this mostly will turn out on my way.
According to my plans, I leave from Germany, on the 1st of August, I drive to Istambul through Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria. In Istambul after a few days of rest I join the Caucasian Rally, which starts on the 16th of August (for more details: www.caucasianchallenge.com). We arrive in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia on the 26th of August through Turkey, Georgia, and Nagorno-Karabakh. Here, after a little closing party and charity program, I leave for Iran on my own, from here in a slower way. In the south, I leave Iran towards Turkmenistan, then Uzbekistan and Tajikistan and probably as the most dangerous part of the journey, I drive trough the Pamir Highway by the Afhgani border to Kirgyzstan. To the north, I leave Kirgyzstan for Bishkek, and I enter Kazahkstan. After visiting Almaty, I turn to North to Astana. The planning ends here, If I can, maybe I go to China or Russia and on. It will be spontaneous improvisaton.
So this is the plan, and here is the map:


Certainly everybody is curious, how can a journey like this be bankrolled. As I mentioned before, keeping the expenses on a minimal level is the most important thing. I need a continuos income, even a telework, by-job, apartment expenditure, or a share, which covers the most basic needs and the fuel. I aimed the Hungarian minimum wage, 430€ per month (129.000 HUF).
To pay starting fees, like car purchase and preparation, a few fixtures, vaccines and visa, I save as much money as I can.
I'm looking for sponsores for cover the occuring extra costs along the trip, like shipping, service, emergencies, etc. I offer special sponsoring opportunities to companies, about which you can read by clicking here.
I'll redonate 10% of the private donations, as well my car with all its accessories and my tour equipment at the end of the journey, for the indigent who I met during my way, documented with photos and videos.
For more details follow the updates on my blog.

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Translated to english by Dávid Kaposi